Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's a Family Affair...

This week my husband decided that he would eat Paleo with me for the week (those were his hands kneading the meatloaf in the pics this week- I do not have manhands). He said he would give me 7 days- without any cheat meals- of strict Paleo eating. Last night I went out after a Yoga class with some girlfriends for some cheese and salt (also known as delicious Mexican food), and he stayed home and ate a Paleolicious meal. :)

We were eating fairly healthy prior to my endeavor of Paleolithic eating, and he would eat Paleo with me 1-2 meals a day (mostly out of convenience). I have to admit that as excited as I am for him to eat Paleo, I'm disappointed with the results. He hasn't noticed all the great effects I have- increased energy, better sleep, clear headedness, clear skin, weight loss, and better digestion. I know that he is only on day 4 of his test period, but I was hoping he would fall in love with the diet. I worry that if he doesn't take it on, it will be more challenging for me to keep it up. Couples are more likely to quit (and remain quit) smoking if their partner quits with them; is the same true for grains and dairy?

On our way to work this morning, I was questioning him about how he feels. He said he feels the same. This got me thinking, how can you make someone value something that they cannot see/feel the effects of? My commitment is easy; I eat a meal with grains and my Psoriasis returns the next day. How do you make someone realize that while they may feel the same whether they eat frozen pizzas or porkchops (fortunately for my husband weight gain is never an issue) it is what happens internally that counts? I'm sure his cholesterol is lowered, his insulin sensitivity is leveling out, his blood pressure is lowered, and he is adding years to his life every day this week. Bad or more conventional eating habits can age you by 12 years. Eating 3+ servings of fruits and vegetables a day is one of the greatest changes you can do (aside from kicking the cancer sticks) to add years to your life.

Keep it up, honey! Your arteries will thank you, because Lord knows your waistline can't... :)

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