Monday, May 17, 2010

The First Cut is the Deepest

All you Cat Stevens (or Sheryl Crow) fans out there know what I'm talking about. This is a little tribute post to my good friends Mike and Megan who (after relentless convincing on my part) have decided to try paleo for a week. Good for you guys!

Megan if you're reading this, day one is the hardest. Truly. I remember sitting on my couch watching TV the first day I was paleo. Every commercial that came on I said to myself "I can't eat that anymore" "I can't drink that" "I couldn't have that, but I really want to". I swear, after a few days (really more like weeks) primal eating becomes second nature and you won't want to eat anything else. I promise (well maybe except for the occasional pizza).

On the first day I kept thinking about how hungry I was and all the non-paleo snacks I was drawn to. This requires a change of attitude. Instead think of all the options you bought yesterday that are healthy, delicious, and fresh. Try to have fun with your food. :)

Stay strong this week, I guarantee you'll see great results. Anyone else have tips for newbies? Words of encouragement?


  1. Yea, my first shout out! Day one was definitely tough, 2 words, craving chocolate.

  2. Well, silly me it was actually the 2nd... but still it's exciting.