Monday, May 24, 2010

My Heart Burns No More

Ever since my adult life began, I've been plagued by heartburn.  An alcoholic drink, a piece of toast with butter, or a spicy meal would leave up till the wee hours in the morning.  It became a regular occurrence for me to take Prilosec and Gaviscon (especially on a holiday or vacation where healthy diets go out the window).

Ever since I started eating Paleo a weird change has occurred:  I no longer have heartburn.  This disease that has tortured me for years, is no longer present.  I still get nervous.  For instance, making the spicy chicken soup on Friday, I was nervous I would get heartburn, but I didn't.  Spicy foods and alcohol no longer give me heartburn and these used to be my biggest nemesis.  This has by far been one of the most surprising parts of paleo eating for me. 

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