Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reharnessing My Chi

Yesterday evening I had a serious gluten craving.  I needed bread.  While I resisted, and was able to make due with pancakes, I was struck by a thought.  Then, later in the evening I found myself trying to look up ridiculous recipe ideas- paleo magic cookie bars (they exist), waffles, and chips.  I again, could not shake the thought from my head-  what am I doing?

I turned paleo to get rid of the crap in my diet.  I wanted to cut out all the stuff that I didn't actually get nutrition from.  What's the point in eating a paleo magic cookie bar?  While it may certainly be better for you than a conventionally made one, what does your body really gain from it?  In the end, am I just trying to find ways to make paleo food crap?

I've found the need to refocus, to harness my chi, if you will.  I need to go back to my roots and the reason why I turned paleo in the first place.  Yes, the fancy recipes of making paleo chicken pot pies or muffins are an intriguing challenge, but I need to think about my nutrition more.  It is easy to get swept away with the frills of diet- there will always be frills and little ways to cheat the system.  The point is  to embrace the system; learn to love it.  That's the reward and the challenge.

I'm challenging you to this:  for the next week, every day, think before you eat.  Do I really need this?  What value will my body get from this, really?  Is there a healthier option to this (an apple instead of a magic cookie bar)?  Am I really getting all the nutrients I need today (protein, a variety of fruits and veggies, nuts, etc?)?  Am I incorporating protein and whole fruits and veggies into every meal? 

Let's see if we can take pride in not just eating primal, but in living a primal example.  Do some spring cleaning, get rid of the junk (even paleo junk food)!

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