Monday, June 28, 2010

Five Hundo!

I just wanted to give a quick thanks for everyone that visits my blog regularly.  I know that I haven't been the best blogger lately (give me a break, I'm on summer vacation), but I really appreciate it.  I just looked at my tracker and I've now had over 500 visitors and almost 1200 visits.  That's so awesome!  I still remember when I would regularly on get 2-3 visitors a day and they were likely my Mom and my sister.  That was only 3 short months ago, and I really feel like my blog is taking off.  Thank you for being a part of it.

I initially started this blog as a way to document my thoughts on healthy eating and my journey of losing weight (which I've currently lost 30 lbs.).  While I do get paid whenever you click on the ads on my blog (even if you don't purchase anything), that isn't my motive for keeping it going.  I've found great comfort in the health community online.  I feel, rather strangely, like some of you are becoming friends of mine.  I feel energized getting ideas for new recipes or workouts.

Basically, thank you.  Having this blog has really helped to change me.  It holds me accountable because I know many of you check it.  It gives me inspiration and keeps me going.  Thanks.

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