Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Caveman Campout

Howdy blogosphere!  I know it's been a while since I've posted.  Being a teacher (and being on summer break) and being in the process of moving is consuming much of my time lately.

My second wedding anniversary was on Monday.  Since my husband and I are beyond broke with our move and trying to buy a house, we decided to take advantage of our wonderful scenery here in Colorado. We drove up the Poudre Canyon outside Fort Collins,  Colorado and camped on a lake with lilly pads all over it.  It was beautiful.  Just because we were 'romanping' as we called it (romantic camping, if such a thing is possible), didn't mean that we weren't going to stop being primal.  We decided to build our own snare trap out of twigs and waited anxiously for a rabbit to hop through.  Okay, or maybe not quite...

We brought steaks with us (caught wildly at the grocery store on the way) and asparagus.  We cooked the steaks on the fire and the asparagus on the stove with oil, sliced almonds, and black pepper.  It truly was gourmet camp food.  We were way too full for dessert, but we were planning on grilling pears and nectarines on the fire grate as well.

Breakfast?  Eggs and bacon of course!  Is there a better tasting meal than eggs cooked in the same pan as the bacon?  I think not.  Besides, we were celebrating, right?

Lunch?  An avocado, leftover steak served cold (I was skeptical of this but it was delicious!) and green grapes.

We went on a long hike yesterday afternoon and snacked on some delicious trailmix as well.  Forget the smores- paleo campout is where it's at!  Here are some pictures of the beautiful lillypads on the lake.

Hammock on the lake with our dog


  1. Wow! Those are gorgeous, and Happy Anniversary! Your menus sound delish too. I imagine steak grilled over the fire would taste (and smell) amazing...

  2. I think campfire ash, while disgusting looking, is the best spice in the entire world!