Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Lost a Mountain Bike!

I have now officially lost 28 pounds.  I am still in shock over this.  I could not believe that I lost 4 additional pounds this week.  In my delight from my weight loss, my husband helped me celebrate, by showing me my weight loss.  He gave me his mountain bike, had me pick it up and walk it around the driveway.  I could barely do it.  Despite giving my neighbors an interesting spectacle, this was the best thing for me to see.  I could feel the weight in my joints.  Looking at a mountain bike and seeing that I lost an entire bike (a bike I cannot lift over my head) was inspiring.  I was hooked.  What else did I lose?

He gave 28 pounds in free weights and had me walk around with it.

He gave me a 3 year old child and had me walk around with it (okay not really, but still I lost a child).

He gave me half of my viszla mutt and had me stand still (while she wiggled).  I lost half my dog in weight (hopefully the better half)!

He gave me a box of books, sacks of flour, a rock in our backyard, and other ridiculous items.  If you want to really feel good about your weight loss, find an item that you lost (not literally, or maybe literally?).  You will look ridiculous, but at least you look slim and ridiculous.  There is nothing more motivating than finding the tangible items of your weight loss.  What else can I carry?  What else weighs 28 pounds?  I'm addicted to holding my lost weight!  :)

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