Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just Add Boiling Water

Well, I made it back alive- barely.  After our three day backpacking trip through Teton National Park and meal after meal of dehydrated 'just add boiling water' food, I'm ready for some veggies.  :)  We had the most amazing time on our trip.  We hiked through Death Canyon (a charming little canyon named for an 1899 surveying party that lost a member that was never seen again).  I had a bit of a problem with the connotations of hiking through a place called Death Canyon, so we called it Happy Canyon, Safety
Canyon, or (my personal favorite) Bird-Free Canyon.

Once got back from the rugged life on the trail (of which we saw black bears, elk, moose, deer, and marmots), we spent our last night "car camping" in Teton.  Car camping is the lazy man's campsite, and after three days of packing it in and packing it out, a real luxury.  It's amazing how luxurious a vault toilet, pillow, chairs, or fresh fruit and vegetables can feel.

I was determined to make an entirely paleo camping meal.  Now before I give out my recipes, they should begin a couple of disclaimers.  First:  It's camping and measuring cups/spoons are generally frowned upon so don't go judgin' my estimations.  Second:  I know bratwurst isn't pure paleo, but it was the healthiest I could get my husband to go while camping.  Just be glad I talked him out of smores (those are paleo, right?).  Third:  I just spent three days in the woods.  With wildlife.  Don't judge the beer consumption, it was necessary.  :)

'Wurst Peppers
Since this was a fairly simple meal, I'll try to give the instructions in step-by-step form (let's make things interesting, eh?).
Step 1:  Start a fire.  Easier said than done it turns out.  My husband officially had to give me his Man Card after this campout.  It turns out I am the twisted fire starter of our household.  At one point, he was trying to help me start the fire by trying to blow on the kindling (I prefer the log cabin method over the teepee in case you were wondering, which I'm sure you were), and he actually blew the entire fire out.  SO, this step was more difficult when you are camping with a pyro-challenged person like I was.

Step 2:  Make things hot.  No, that's not dirty (well, I guess camping is dirty, but not sexual).  What I mean is, get some good flames going and get the coals hot (only one t- not hott, you'll attract bears).

Step 3:  Cut up 1 red and 1 green bell pepper.  Place them in a firesafe pan.  Add a splash (that is an exact measurement) of water (approximately a 1/4 cup) and half of lemon (juice only, squeezed).  Place on grate over fire.  The ash adds flavor (or so I told myself).

Step 4:  Put the meat on the grate (the bratwurst).

Step 5:  Open your beer.  Find your headlamp.  Wait for the sun to set over the beautiful mountain lake.  Leave your camping buddies to tend the fire, and go sit in your camping hammock (you've got time).

Step 6:  Flip the brats, stir the peppers, drink another beer.

Step 7:  Cut an avocado in half (carefully, you've had 2 drinks).

Step 8:  When all is done cooking over the fire, serve the brats on a bed of peppers.  Eat avocado as a side.  Serve with more beer and depending upon the temperature, mittens.

Paleo 'Smores (which are not really smores at all)
2 fresh peaches, cubed or sliced
raisins to taste
cinnamon to taste
half a lemon
water, again a splash
random pecans you pick out of a trailmix, ground up

Add all the ingredients to a camping, firesafe pot.  Cook until peaches are tender.  Eat.  Salivate.  Make the wildlife jealous.

It goes without saying that all of these recipes could be made at home and sober, but where's the fun in that?  jk

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