Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Sometimes I really embarass myself.

Okay, maybe more than sometimes.  I wish I had a rewind button in which I could go back to a conversation and omit everything I said.  I have a difficult time not saying what's on my mind.  I have an even harder time not thinking that I do everything exactly the way it should be done (thanks a lot for that genetic trait Dad). 

It is hard for me to not preach healthy eating to my friends and family.  If I could say and do whatever I wanted I would be a fire and brimstone paleovangelist.  "Eat that donut and you will die!"  "Your pancreas is receiving irreversible damage from that candy bar!"

I go back and forth on whether or not I think I should hold my tongue.  On one hand, I am helping my family and friends and their health; on the other hand, I am annoying them by telling them something they don't want to hear yet.  Then, I end up embarassing myself, thinking later on that I shouldn't have pushed the issue so much or I should live and let live.  I know I should wait until they are ready and they come to me asking for help, but the interim is difficult. 

This is a moral issue of the utmost importance:  do we allow our loved ones to continue in their "heathen" ways or do we go out as warriors of grok and paleovangelize them and let them see the light?

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  1. Evangelize and let them see the light! You are doing what is best for them right now and in the long term. They just don't know it yet.