Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Awkward Moments

I have to post about a recent situation with my good friend Megan.  We were recently in Vail, Colorado for a mountain bike race.  Upon checking into the hotel, Meg had one of the most awkward exchanges with a stranger I've ever seen.  Both of their responses (in my opinion) are hilarious.

Meg:  Do you have any place you recommend for lunch?
Concierge:  It depends.  What do you like to eat?
Meg:  Meat.  Fruit.  Vegetables.  Nuts.
Concierge:  There's a really good Italian place down the road...

I don't know what's funnier- the fact that when asked what she liked to eat, Meg gave an (honest, but weird) paleo answer OR the fact that the concierge thought Italian food was in anyway similar to what Megan gave him.  I will say that the Italian place down the road, did not exactly fit this description.  lol

Maybe next time, Meg, you should just say 'healthy stuff' or 'salads'.  :)  Although, I am a fan of meat, fruit, vegetables, and nuts.  It may be tricky to find a paleo Italian restaurant anywhere, especially Vail.

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