Monday, July 19, 2010

Grocery Woes

My husband was accepted into graduate school for the fall. I am currently in graduate school and teaching full time. We recently sat down and tried to create a budget for next year. To say we will be broke would the understatement of the century. With two graduate schools worth of student fees, books, tuition, and a single teacher's salary, things will be tight. We averaged several months of grocery bills. It is shocking how much more we spent on groceries once we started eating healthy.

Changing my eating habits is a non-negotiable for me. I'd rather work at a coffee shop on the weekends than jeopardize my health by eating ramen 3 days a week.

Pre-paleo eating, we would spend about $400 a month on groceries.  Our household consists of just my husband and myself.  Now, eating a healthy diet, our bill is somewhere around $600/month.  What are we supposed to do?  We are trying to cut corners, get rid of the frivolous, not the broccoli.  The first month that I switched to paleo, we spent a shocking $880 on groceries for two people!

A couple solutions for those of you out there trying to make eating healthy on a budget work:

Ebates-  I love this website.  Virtually all online shopping I do, I check on ebates for the company first and compare prices.  I just got $2 back on a sleeping bag I ordered.  I got $.75 on a bag of almond flour.  It's not much, but it adds up.  To date, I've gotten almost $30 back from this website.  

Grocery Saving Tips-  I just discovered this website.  The link I posted here takes you specifically to the produce section (I didn't think anyone reading this cared about how to save money when buying loaves of bread).

23 Ways to Save on Groceries- I think a little preparation and planning goes far when it comes to grocery shopping.  Go with a list.  Go with a menu.  Stick to it.  Discipline.  Wax on Wax off Danielson.  

I would LOVE suggestions for how you make healthy eating affordable, because I desperately need them.  I know how messed up our society is that it is actually cheaper to eat processed food.  I live in Colorado and starting a garden or building a greenhouse is out of the question come September where I live.  Next summer.  :)  I need a solution for now.

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  1. Beth--I am so with you on this! My husband is starting school this August as well, and we are (currently, hopefully not forever) trying to live in two different places--he got into a program on the other side of the state that he is really excited about--so we are trying to stretch my salary to cover two households, and eating healthy IS expensive. Right now, (I admit this might sound a little crazy) I am trying to only eat once per day and see if it helps with my grocery bills. I find that if I just focus on buying a small amount of groceries and especially focus on what is in season or on sale, I can do pretty well. Trying to be creative while only eating once a's challenging, but I like a challenge. :)