Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Off the Wagon

Well this weekend, my husband and I decided that we would throw paleo out the door and eat whatever was provided for us.  So our weekend in the mountains looked a bit like this:

ate, ate, ate, drank, ate, ate, ate, played with nephews, ate, ate, ran, ate, drank, drank, ate, and so on

Needless to say, we both feel like crap and I have a sneaky suspicion that I gained several pounds over the 4th of July weekend.  No matter how tempting the homemade cookies, delicious beer, caramel corn, or the strawberry shortcake was; I am not sure if it was worth it.  I feel like I am starting over back at square one again.  I guess, in a way, I am.  Who knew that just five days of falling off the wagon would make trying to get back on so difficult?

So, here's our plan:  One week.  Strict, pure paleo.  No cheats.  No "these are sorta allowed" foods.  No artificial sweeteners.  No caffeine.  Nothing.  Lean meat.  Fruit.  Vegetables.  Nuts.  Berries.  I suggest, others do the same.  Still haven't recovered from the corn on the cob or the bratwurst?  How about the potato salad?  Even if you were "good" on the 4th of July, I find myself slowly falling away sometimes.  I need a kick in the pants.  I need a reminder of how good it feels to eat right and WHY I like to eat right.

We had dinner with our friends last week.  The topic of cheating (on the diet, not on spouses) came up.  All four of us found ourselves cheating more and more.  Hardly a day has gone by last week where I didn't sneak in SOMETHING that lacked nutritional value.  It could be a cracker at the grocery store, or a slice of pizza when out with friends.  But the crap stops here.  Today.  

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