Monday, August 30, 2010


Let's take a trip back in time folks.  To a simpler time, when I wasn't living in my parents' basement awaiting to sell one house and buy another.  To a time when I had my own kitchen.  To a time where I actually posted on this blog.  :) 

I thought I'd do a little rehatch post today with a few of my favorite things.  Who wants a dusty blog archive anyways? 

Frozen grapes are still my favorite snack/dessert.  Especially with the hot summer we've been having, there are few things more refreshing than nature's popsicle. 

Tonight for dinner, I am making my parents and my hubby spaghetti squash (which I am making in the microwave so my house doesn't heat up) and homemade meatballs.  This is so good, it almost feels like you're cheating. 

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