Thursday, September 30, 2010

Holy Canola!

A couple of month's ago I had a blog post about cooking oils.  By far, one of the most popular comments I get for my blog is over my choice to use Canola oil in my recipes.  I did this because of after reading The Paleo Diet for Weight Loss by Loren Cordain, he advocates for Canola oil consumption.  This morning, I was reading an interview with Dr. Cordain about his upcoming Paleo Diet cookbook.  He has now changed his stance on Canola and no longer advocates for the use of it.  He now recommends using coconut and coconut oils based off of the most recent scientific evidence. 

So all of this has got me thinking yet again, how do you know what is the best oil to use in your kitchen?  Thoughts?


  1. I would say coconut oil, maybe grassfed clarified butter, and any pastured animal fat would be great. Those are my favorites anyway... :)

  2. I use coconut oil, butter and lard in cooking. I only use olive oil for low heat things - like make salad dressings and such