Websites I Love

MyFitnessPal- This awesome website works similarly to Weight Watchers website, but it is free.  Log your exercise and your food consumption for each day.  Track your weight and set fitness goals and watch the numbers on the scale drop!

Ebates-  This is by far the coolest thing I've discovered in a long time.  Each time you make any online purchase (just find the store through ebates main page and click on the link), it gives you cash back.  Quarterly, you will receive a check either through the mail or directly through your paypal account.  What's not to love about that?  I buy my almond flour and specialty oils and spices through here (along with clothes, books, gifts, etc.).

FoodOnTheTable-  I just found out about this website and it rocks.  I live to organize (although you might not be able to tell from my house or classroom).  If you are like me (and also on a tight budget) then this is site for you!  It creates a grocery list for you and comparison shops between your grocery stores, so you don't have to.  Genius!

BMI Calculator with Measurements-  I love this website!  I can go in and enter my measurements to see my progress (and they explain it thoroughly too!)

MapMyRun- Even if you aren't a runner, this website will work for you.  Simply type in your address or the local where you plan to get activity.  Then, chart your route.  This could be around the neighborhood, a trail, or a park.  Then, once you've completed the activity, you can enter in your information (age, gender, weight, etc.) and the time it took you to complete and it will give you a calorie break down of your activity.  You can set it for walking, running, biking, etc.

CoolRunning-  This website made me a runner.  They have easy Couch to 5K training programs, dozens of articles, and a training calendar.  I wouldn't be running still today if it weren't for CoolRunning.